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This page is a tribute to my beloved twin brother Owen, who fell to his death on July 5th, 2014 while mountaineering near Squamish B.C. 

Owen was a catalyst in fuelling my passion for global travel and exploring the outdoors. He was my mountain model when I first picked up the camera, he pushed me to demand more from this life and in general,  he inspired me to be a better person. We did many outdoor trips together, including hitchhiking through Alaska, hiking the West Coast Trail, backpacking Europe and completing a number of mountaineering trips.

Today, continuing into the mountains and travelling without Owen has been a roller coaster of emotion. It is heartbreaking for he is not physically here with me to share these moments but there is also a feeling of happiness knowing that he would want me to continue venturing into the outdoors. It is an experience of both sadness and joy in equal measure. 

Going out on adventures and capturing beautiful moments is a constant reminder of all the things that I am thankful for. 

My work has become a tribute to Owen.  A journey to explore the wonders of our Earth and dedicate it to my brother Owen, who is not here to see it for himself. 

Squamish Search and Rescue - Owen Memoriam

Half the profits made from any sale will go to the Squamish Search and Rescue in memory of Owen. 

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